Water Route

Chelva’s treasure


Water is Chelva’s treasure. Throughout the municipality we can enjoy the crystalline waters of the Chelva river with a quiet walk along the Water Route and numerous springs and fountains.

The Water Trail is a circular tourist itinerary that combines nature and culture in a pleasant walk of approximately two hours with rest areas, ideal for a family outing.

Along this route we find the Molino Puerto recreational area where you can enjoy a picnic area with sports facilities and children’s games, and also places as unique as the Playeta, whose waterfalls and backwaters make it a traditional bathing area, or the Olinches tunnel, that is carved into the mountain and leads us to one of the most spectacular places on the Chelva river.

  • Activity

  • Duration

    2 h 30 min - 3 h
  • Difficulty

  • Connexion

    PR V-92, GR-7, local pathway "El Loreto"
  • Suggestion

    ideal for families
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