Chelva – Chorros del Barchel

This trail begins in central Greece and ends in Gibraltar, crossing our Community from north to south for 525 km, and with a total number of 28 sections.

Its signs, like all the great routes, are marked in white and red.

It arrives in Chelva from Andilla and runs along the Rambla de Alcotas, connecting with the PRV-91, the 92 and the 93, and ends in Benagéber. The route crosses beautiful natural landscapes of lush Mediterranean forests and crosses two large watercourses, the Chelva River and the Turia River.

  • Duration

    4 h 30'
  • Difficulty

  • Connexion

    PR V-91, PR V-92 and PR V-93


You can start in the town center or by going directly down to the Chelva river, to the Molino Puerto recreational area, from where we will take the GR-7 along the left bank, crossing the Convent ravine and continuing until we cross the medieval Mozaira bridge.

Benagéber Reservoir

From here we will reach the Cosín and Bercuta springs. Before reaching the abandoned hamlet of Bercuta we can take a detour that will take us to the Benagéber reservoir and later rejoin the original route.

Barchel Suspension Bridge and Waterfall

We return to the path until we reach Bercuta, where we take a detour that will take us through thick pine forests to the Turia River and the spectacular wooden suspension bridge that leads us to the path next to the waterfall and Barchel cave, a wetland area included in the catalog of Valencian Community wetlands.