Mountain Bike Park

A circuit located in the old forest park, it is about 400 meters long and is full of obstacles adapted for children to have fun while acquiring bike skills.

The circuit by sections: 

After two curves without much difficulty and some speed bumps we find a rock garden, where a careful arrangement of rocks forces the children to dodge them or ride over them according to their skill.

Without leaving time to get bored, we reach two curves intertwined with each other in an S-shape that leave us in the log section where we have to dodge or jump over some half-buried logs.

We continue with a corkscrew that is a downhill ramp followed by a large cant that takes you to some curls, where children learn to propel themselves without pedaling.

Past the halfway point of the route we reach the Pinos curves, some very tight curves intertwined with each other that add a point of difficulty to the route without adding danger.

Now in the final stretch we have the catwalks where children have to make an effort to pass over wooden catwalks designed with varying difficulties.

Arriving at the end we find the fastest section where several hairpin bends and some curls complete the route.