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Cured meats

The artisan cured meats of this land are made with the best meats while maintaining the classic family recipe. They are traditional delicacies from a land with a splendid climate for curing. Among its delicacies: sausage, onion black pudding, flour black pudding, rice black pudding, bread black pudding, sausages, and marinated meats – a real feast.
The food-loving visitor can find these products in the factory itself, unique in the area, or in each of the five municipalities in the butcher’s shops or restaurants where you can taste or buy the best cured and marinated meats.

Chelva’s Zanzonia

962 100 814
Ctra. Valencia-Ademuz, km 68 – Chelva

Maintaining traditions by creating our own novelties

Traditional, fresh and cured meats, a variety of hamburgers, vegan cold cuts, natural products with no artificial additives, personalized products, etc.

Experience in the creation of cured meats, a tradition turned into art, and a splendid climate for their curing (cool in winter, warm in summer, with just the right humidity and good wind flow) have placed this company in the perfect place.

Along with the recipes of elders and experts are new and innovative culinary products that define La Zanzonía as a good impetus to differentiation and confidence in a good product.

Al costat de les receptes de majors i experts, nous i innovadors productes gastronòmics que defineixen a la Zanzonia com un bon impuls a la diferenciació i confiança en un bon producte.


J. Puerta Cured Meats

962 100 776
C/ Mártires, s/n – Chelva

Maria José Cosín Butcher’s Shop “Embutidos de Chelva”

962 100 058
Pza. Mayor, 6 - Chelva

La Serrania Chicken

664 894 366
C/ Maria Antonia Clavel, 9 - Chelva