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Festivals and Events

Storytelling – San Antón
Oral Storytelling Festival

Held: The weekend near of January 17.

Aleluya Day

Celebration: Easter Sunday

Los Mayos

The festival of Los Mayos (Mayday) is celebrated on April 30. In this festival the Rondalla de Benacatacera goes through the streets of the municipality; the deep roots of this festivital means that many more inhabitants join the rondalla with the aim of participating in the celebration.
This festivity has its origin from when “the young people” of the town used to go through the main streets of Chelva at night to sing some “Los Mayos” songs to the girls and their mothers.

Celebrated: April 30th

Los Tederos – Corpus Christi

This tradition is related to Corpus Christi, celebrated on the Saturday night before the procession, in which “teas” are lit around the Main Plaza and is enlivened with folk dances.

Celebrated: Saturday night after Corpus Christi.

Arrabal Cultural

Celebration: mid-June

Youth Week

Held during the first full week of July, where there are activities and workshops focused on young people throughout the week.

Held: First full week of July

Festival of the Patron Saint of Chelva and the Villages

Celebrated the last full week of August, in honor of the Virgin of Mercy, they begin with the pilgrimage from the Ermita del Remedio to the Arciprestal Church of Our Lady of the Angels.

Celebrated: Last full week of August.

Villar de Tejas Festivities

In honor of the Virgin of Mercy.

Held: Around August 15th

Ahillas Festival

In honor of Saint John

Celebrated: First weekend of August.