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Recreational Areas

Molino Puerto” Recreational Area CLOSED

  • Parking with limited capacity.

  • Forbidden to spend the night.

  • No parking outside the parking area.

Natural area next to the Chelva river. It is one of the Ruta del Agua‘s recreational areas and is located very close to the Playeta.

This recreational area has a picnic area, a children’s playground and sports court, paella stands, kiosk, and parking area.

Remedio Recreational Area

Leisure space in the Santuario del Remedio. This recreational area has a picnic area, children’s play area, paelleros, restaurant, parking area, and stunning views of the entire valley.

Puente de Barraquena Recreational Area

Located next to the Turia River (Rio Blanco), you can enjoy the lush riverside vegetation where the International Fly-Fishing Master Trophy Diputación de Valencia is held every year. (Catch and release).

La Gitana Fountain Recreational Area