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Chelva olive oil stands out mainly for its Serrana and Villalonga varieties, and for the peculiar and varied climate of the area, which gives the olives an intense flavor.

Martínez Zaballos Brothers “La Mozaira” Olive Oil Mill

962 100 225
C/ Tinte, 1 (bajo) - Chelva

The Martínez Zaballos family began its operations more than 200 years ago in the Valencian region, putting the utmost care in the production at the oil press in order to offer the best product to our customers. This business has been passed from generation to generation until today without losing an iota of quality to be able to give that extra quality to the most demanding consumers.

We produce and distribute extra virgin olive oil that comes from organic crops, as the company is also characterized by having high environmental awareness. Likewise, we apply strict quality controls on the cultivation and processing of these oils to ensure that customers consume a first-class product.


Chelva Catholic Agricultural Cooperative

962 100 826
Camino del Prado, s/n - Chelva