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Chelva, town of the three cultures, is a tour that aims to show the historical richness of this municipality, which preserves intact its medieval urban fabric as well as several architectural and artistic jewels.
In Chelva there are currently seven wash houses, most of them still in use.
PR-CV 91
Short route 91, marked in white and yellow, takes us from Chelva to one of the highest peaks in the area, the Pico del Remedio (1,054 meters), crossing one of the densest forests in the region, the Rambla de Alcotas, of great geological importance.
PR-CV 92
Walking along this path we will pass through the municipalities of Chelva and Calles and we will be able to closely admire one of the most grandiose hydraulic engineering works of the Valencian Community: the Peña Cortada aqueduct.
PR-CV 93
This short trail, marked with yellow and white colors, runs between the towns of Chelva and Tuéjar, crossing the two towns and the wonderful landscapes that the Chelva river leaves as it flows between them.
20 km.
The GR-7 arrives in Chelva from Andilla and runs along the Rambla de Alcotas, connecting with the PRV-91, the 92 and the 93, and ends in Benagéber. The route crosses beautiful natural landscapes of lush Mediterranean forests and crosses two large watercourses, the Chelva River and the Turia River.
17 km
in family
Water is Chelva's treasure. Throughout the municipality we can enjoy the crystalline waters of the Chelva river with a quiet walk along the Water Route and numerous springs and fountains.